First Flowers

I have gotten my first bouquet out to a subscriber today. The weather here this spring has been very difficult to work with so I’m so relived to finally be getting some flowers. This bouquet consists of doubled tulips. stock, anemones, lilacs and greens. Soon I’ll be swimming in flowers

Anemones are crazy flowers, I expect to get about 1200+ blooms this summer. They have the most beautiful velvet like iridescent sheen to them and open and close every day with the sun!

2018 Recap!

My first year was a whirlwind! I learned so much, too much to even type all out! Here’s a photo recap!

I love sharing the things I’ve learned, if you have any questions about starting your own cut flower garden I am more than happy to share!

Snapdragons. Cosmos. Branching Sunflowers. Rudbeckia. These were all staples of bouquets that were easy to start and produced so many blooms.

My garden in only 37X37 feet but I managed to get thousands of blooms by strategically planning which types of plants would produce multiple flushes of blooms!

The most enjoyable part of the summer was going out every evening with my husband and harvesting buckets of blooms! Bees were hiding inside flowers almost ever night (they often sleep inside flowers). We’d have to capture them inside our house and release them - luckily neither of us were ever stung!