Here are a few photos I took during my process. I document this most thoroughly on my instagram stories every week. Below are a few of the highlights. 

Below is the process, starting with a simple paint sketch, I figure out basic shapes and the layout, I enjoy showing people this part because so many people assume a painting always looks amazing. They don’t, Everyone has to start somewhere.
I start working from the back and move towards the foreground in nearly every painting. It is all about colour and shape. I enjoy this part the most. The abstacted backgrounds are always so fun and bring a whimsical element to my paintings,
After the background it is a nice change of pace to move directly into the most detailed parts of the painting.
The final product. Many hours of work and thought were put into this painting. Layering and building up the painting slowly adds an element of complexity which cannot be fully grasped in a photo. Check it out at Little Bird in Saskatoon.