I live and work in Saskatoon Sk, with my husband Brandon. I began painting in 2010, after I had developed, what I did not know at the time, would be a chronic illness. Intense isolation due to my circumstances pushed me to seek out a friendship and informal artistic mentorship with local professional artist, Lindsey Love.   

I use acrylic paint to explore light and to push the boundaries of depth. I, like most people, am reminded daily that my life is not how I envisioned it to be; but strive to see the beauty in the midst of the imperfect.

In recent years, I have broadened the spectrum of depth within my paintings, referring back to photos that I, or friends have taken, in order to achieve a dreamy, ethereal feeling. Patrons are often drawn to my work because of this unique perspective and I believe it is because the range of depth is a rather accurate portrayal of the human experience. The indistinct backgrounds are nothing more than blurred intense colours: the idealization of the past. Additionally, the slightly imprecise foreground marked with gestural paint and chalk pastel, illustrates the present state of life that is borderline chaotic, too near to fully understand. Lastly the crisp, pristine moments where “the world is as it should be”, shown in immaculate clarity that at times is only a fleeting moment. All of these perspectives work together to achieve a cohesive floral landscape.

Although I stray towards landscape paintings on occasion, the impermanent fragile nature of flowers enchants me in such a way that I always come back to them. This year, after traveling to flower farms and immaculate gardens around Saskatchewan to gather reference photos, I have become more inspired to travel further afield to expand to new varieties of plants and flowers. Through this somewhat taxing, yet gratifying process of traveling, photographing and then lastly painting, I long to create works that people can enjoy and relate to on a personal level.

I desire to share the joy and peace that the natural world has to offer but is seldom fully enjoyed, to bring my art into homes and workplaces. I remain hopeful that people similar to me, who are unable to take in nature as often as they would like, would still be able to enjoy the imperfect beauty that life has to offer, through my personal expression of light on canvas.

Artist C.V.


2012 AP Art university credit

2010-1013 Mentorship with professional artist Lindsey Love

Selected Exhibitions


2018 Solo show at City Perks, May 7th- June 18th - Saskatoon, SK

2017- 2019  “Floral”  Little Bird Patisserie & Café, Saskatoon, SK

2016     Solo show at City Perks - Saskatoon, SK

               July, Solo show at Alamond -  Saskatoon, SK

2014     Solo Show at Coffee's On - Saskatoon, SK

2013      "Alive" Scyap Art Gallery - Saskatoon, SK 

2012      Solo Show at Mystic Java - Saskatoon, SK

2011       Solo Show at Moka Coffee Bar - Saskatoon, SK


2014     38th Annual Winter Festival Show and Sale, Mann Art Gallery, Prince Albert, SK

2013      "Reflections of Nature" Prarieland Park - Saskatoon, SK

"The Artist Initiative" - Ebenezer Baptist Church, consecutive group exhibits, 2011-2013

Individual Works

2012, The Calgary Winter Club - Calgary, AB

2012, Earls Restaurant - Calgary, AB

2011-2014 Ebenezer Baptist Church – Saskatoon, SK

Professional Experience

2012-2015 Painting Fanatic Camp Director at Ranger Lake Bible Camp

2012 Guest instructor on mixed media painting, Evan Hardy Collegiate

2012-Present Instructor, Group and Private art lessons



        Commissioned to paint a gift for retiring Director of Education of Saskatoon Public School Division        

Collaborated with GivingArt charity - Calgary, AB

          Charity Auction Piece donated to raise funds for "Foundation for His Ministry" orphanage in Vincente Guerrero, Mexico

2013 Charity auction piece to raise funds for medical missions works in Bogota Columbia; "to care for the poor and displaced people in the area."

Collaborated with GivingArt charity - Calgary, AB

2015 Charity Auction Piece for Saskatoon Pregnancy Options Centre

2017           Charity Auction Piece donated to raise funds for "Foundation for His Ministry" orphanage in Vincente Guerrero, Mexico